Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You Heard It Here First!!! (Well...right after Life&Style but who even reads that?!)

Last night I was at the grocery store...just grabbing some tampons at guys know how it is. And as I was going to check out this is what I saw:I literally started screaming and jumping around...right in the middle of the grocery store. I almost threw up! I knew it you guys! I have known it all along. What have I been telling you guys!? They are totally IN LOVE. I can't wait for the third movie when Kristen Stewart gets pregnant with Rob's baby! OMG! They are totally going to have a baby and they will use that baby in the third movie to play Renesme. What if they actually name their baby Renesme?! OMG! Think of it! SERIOUSLY! This is like real life Twilight happening in real life! Ha!
Are they naked?!?!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Some shots from New Moon. Prepare to have your yucky Monday turned automatically awesome!

I saved the best for last. Obviously.
Monday now officially awesome.

The Couple That Plays Together Stays Together:

Anti Twilighters GO HOME!

Oh my gosh you guys! Sometimes I can get SOOOO mad at people! Seriously! Some people totally need to get a life and just be nice! So-during my daily perusal of all my fav Twi sights I saw some obviously ridiculous comments about how Rob and Kristin are not TOTALLY HOT...which of course they are! So I was totally buggin and upset- obviously! Who can seriously say the R Patz does not have the HOTTEST hottie hair ever!? Right!?? I mean he is obviously the hottiest hottie ever. And Kristin is a super hot sexy fox. And then when you put them together it is like Christmas. No! Like November 20...every day! With fireworks! And chocolate! And...where was I...oh yeah...THEY ARE HOT.

Hence picture one: I challenge you to find a hotter pic of these two...but if you do manage to find one puulease send it my way!

Okay besides looking totally fierce...they are totally HOT.
If you are not hyperventilating yet you will be! But just look at the way the sun shimmers on his messy golden hair. He is so dreamy! What do you think he is thinking about? What would I give to get inside his totally deep mind?! Right!? I bet he is thinking about Kristin and how much he loves that they are secretly together! Now that I think about it- that is OBVIOUSLY what he is thinking about. Duh!

They are so totally Vogue! Okay so there! Total valid proof that they are the hottest ever! Puuullleeassse don't let me stumble across that sort of nonsense ever again! I mean they are seriously fabulouso on their own but when you put them together! S.T.E.A.M.Y Dreamy goodness!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A Tasty Treat for the Afternoon....

What better to start the week off than a steamy poster of Jacob! I don't know if this is a real movie poster or not- but I sure hope it is. This is perfection! Right?! It is so artistc...and HOT! My two favorite things.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Brace Yourselfs Ladies!

You guys! Puuleeease tell me you have seen this photo! Okay…so no offense to the boys who played Jacob’s friends in the first Twilight. I am sure they are totally great guys, but they did not even hit a 5 on my hot-o-meter. I mean you need ooober hot guys if they are going to playing native American/werewolf men! OBVIOUSLY! I mean does it get hotter than that?!?! Well…actually…don’t answer that because we all already know the answer is YES! (OBVIOUSLY! Edward is hotter…but we all know that and can leave that unsaid…except I totally just said it you guys.)

Anyways…where was I? Oh yes!...Werewolves are FRECKIN HOT! Don’t even try to tell me that you are not totally stoked out of your MIND to see these hotties all together without shirts! AM I right?! I know I am! And then when they morph all super human into total hottie wolves! I just know I am going to pass out from happiness. And if you have seen the trailer for New Moon (and of course you have!) then you KNOW how awesome the transforming into the wolves actually is! It ROCKS! IT ROCKS YOU GUYS! Seriously these hottie werewolf boys could crap meatloaf and I would gobble it up and ask for seconds. And I don’t even LIKE meat loaf you guys! Seriously!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Love Love LOVE IT!

So you guys! I am totally sorry to have not posted this sooner! Seriously. It was a MAJOR oversite on my part. But now you can all enjoy it every hour on the hour. Like I do! New Moon is seriously going to be life changing. How juicy is Edward!? Love it!

R Patz is just so deep and dark right? And Kristin Stewart! Where are the oscars!? They are seriously SUCH good actors.